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Mr. Austin
11-04-09, 03:14 PM
So I just landed a job at Checker Auto Parts down the street!!:woot1::woot1:

Now i am looking into some stuff that has been needing to be done for a very long time now on my car.
I want to know in opinions and experience where the best bang for the buck is.Different types? Ones to stay away from? Anything will help. This is in order from what is on my mustang to do list in the garage. Not in order from what needs to get done soonest. I am still on a budget but I can save up for things I really want:biglaugh:
1. Aluminum Radiator
(302 If possible aluminum with tranny cooler if not ill buy a separate one.)
2. Both front and back brake systems. (New Disks in the front and drum in the back)
3. Suspension rebuild.
Needs all new seals and everything. But don't need shocks as shocks are about a year old.
here is what i found:
4. Want to get separate hood for scoop (whats a good hood/scoop to invest in Boss,mach 1, NASA?)
5. Chin spoiler/Trunk spoiler (Whats Better Plastic or Fiberglass?)
Chin: http://mustangsplus.com/xcart/product.php?productid=346&cat=2644&page=1
Trunk: http://mustangsplus.com/xcart/product.php?productid=3749&cat=2644&page=1
6. Electronic Ignition (Tired of points)
7. Need to get my tires aligned and all that jazz
8. LED Tail lights. Non Sequential just replacement bulb.

Mr. Austin
11-05-09, 08:06 PM
Anything? Someone here has had to of gotten body work done before

11-05-09, 10:17 PM
for the electronic ignition.. the pertronix deal isn't bad.. or you can use a distributor of a 84 mustang and then wire it in to a msd 6a or a ford durasprk box..

Mr. Austin
11-05-09, 10:31 PM
Any Power gains or anything? I have heard MSD is the best and never heard the 84 mustang thing. Do the cam gears all line up? Junk yard stuff that sounds like!

11-05-09, 10:35 PM
power gains minimal.. just reliable.. the msd set up would be the most expensive.. the 84 thing is second as far as expense unless you junkyard everything.. a rebuit dizzy is probably 45 bux at you job..

the pertronix runs on its own.. no module needed..

11-06-09, 12:16 PM
I think Mustang Monthly may have an article on this... have you checked their website?

Rick Shopmier
11-06-09, 12:38 PM
Hey Austin, here's a thought...."save your money for a while". You never know when you could have a break down or get a ticket lol. Uncle Rick

Mr. Austin
11-06-09, 04:11 PM
Haha i will be saving my money like i said in the first post this will not be an instant thing. this will be over time. but i want to know ahead of time whats the best and where is the best. I do want electronic ignition asap though.

Mr. Austin
11-08-09, 04:23 PM
What one of the better aluminum radiators? How many cores should i go with?

Rev'n Kevin
11-09-09, 08:17 PM
Congrats on the job, I know you were wanting that one pretty bad.

Mr. Austin
11-09-09, 08:25 PM
Thanks Kevin!

Mr. Austin
11-14-09, 12:20 PM
Ok so i have found this site/company and was curious if anyone has used them.
Price is good and it aluminum.
Would 1 Core be sufficient for 120*?
It also needs to cool the transmission.

11-14-09, 12:27 PM
congrats on the job! do they fill nitrous bottles? how much $ per lb?

Mr. Austin
11-14-09, 12:39 PM
No they don't. But how ever for you old school guys i found out we "secretly" do sell r-12 kits. with r-12. it was like 80 bucks but i dont remember the size. We do basics like rotors battery and over the counter parts + many performance parts. We carry alot of performance due to commercial business like NASCAR and NHRA

11-15-09, 09:11 AM
I thought some of your performance stores fill bottles....

Mr. Austin
12-18-09, 11:06 PM
bump for new ideas?