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vin man
11-11-09, 08:13 PM
It is important that I share this experience with you. What I thought had been resolved (TWICE) continues to haunt me.

I am not typically a person that goes around and bad mouth's a company's product or service. I believe that companies grow based on customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers refer other customers - especially in a niche industry like auto restoration.

As you may know from prior threads, I purchased a new, Autometer gauge panel from Halls Restoration for my 67 Mustang. The customer service, delivery, and product quality were all sub standard.

I have to admit, I wanted to give Jack Hall the benefit of the doubt. He seemed like a nice, Southern guy. But every time he promised something to me, it turned out to be a lie. He promised a delivery date of this, a ship date of that, an excuse for this... you get the idea.

I ordered the panel on April 1, 2009 and the one area in which he was extremely efficient was the collection of funds from my credit card company. That transaction happened on April 1. However, delivery of product was a completely different story.

He told me stories of overnight Fed Ex shipments which never appeared, damaged shipments that were returned to him (without tracking numbers), additional shipments, blah, blah blah.

When I finally got the item - 5 weeks after promise, the order was incomplete. All I received was the instrument panel. No instructions, no adapters, no bulbs, no receipt, nothing but the product itself. Then the hassling started again. I needed the sending units, the wiring instructions.... weeks went by. I finally got the sending units, but nothing else.

I tried to install the unit and it wouldn't fit. The gauges were recessed too far back and interfered with the dash support brace. No way it was going to fit. Additionally, when I drove the car around the block with the panel sitting in the dash half a**, the speedo didn't even work right.

I asked for a refund. You know how this went, right? I'll get back to you, no returns to my calls or emails...

I took it up with my credit card company. By now, I had paid my bill (never should have done that). Now, I had to get a refund. I didn't want to send the panel back, because at least I had product in my hand while he had my money. But cc company said I needed to return it or they couldn't do anything. So I did. Once he received it (signed for and tracked via UPS), I had to wait 30 days (give him one last chance to return my funds). 30 Days went by, he promised to return my money, but nothing.

So my cc company issued a refund in the full amount and told me I was done. Yeah! I was wrong.

A month later, they recharge my card and send me a letter stating that he disputed my dispute. He said I didn't send back the panel, that he sent extra stuff to me to smooth things over, the basic lies and bs that have gone hand in hand with Halls resto.

I had to remind my cc company of the UPS tracking. Sent them a copy of the email he sent me saying he would refund my money, wait 2 more weeks, and refund was re-issued.

At this point, I should have canceled my credit card. Today, I get a letter saying I've been recharged because vendor would not issue refund? What is the purpose of the credit card company anyways.

My goal is to ensure as many people I know and can influence know of the poor experience I've had with Halls Restoration. Obviously I'm angry, and I'm likely out almost $800. But I honestly don't believe this was a one off occurence.

If you look at his website, you can see statements that indicate he has had problems with customer service before. From his website:

If you have experienced problems getting through on the phone with us in the past please note we have added a dedicated parts salesperson so that problem should be taken care of. If however you should get a voice mail it please leave a message with needs and you will receive a call back the same day. Thanks to all our loyal customers.

It is unfortunate for me it didn't work out. I really wanted that Autometer panel. I would up buying a used one off eBay that works fine and fits fine. I did this after I thought I had a refund.

Please beware Halls Restoration. If I can share any more information with you, I'd be happy to do so. Please pass this on to those you feel appropriate. Thanks.

vin man
11-11-09, 08:37 PM
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Rev'n Kevin
11-11-09, 09:37 PM
Damn, Vin Man, that's a real horror story, I'll have to remember this one and tell it to the kids next halloween. As Bill C. said "I feel your pain".

Mr. Austin
11-11-09, 11:06 PM
Wow i was actually just talking to them today and thinking about using him for some radiator and other special order parts. Thanks for the heads up.

11-13-09, 12:34 PM
wow. usually credit card companies will take the side of the customer. amazing. Thank you for feed back!

vin man
11-13-09, 06:22 PM
Wow i was actually just talking to them today and thinking about using him for some radiator and other special order parts. Thanks for the heads up.

I'm glad I was able to share my story with you. What's funny is how nice a guy he is. He actually sent me a note today stating that he did not have my money, but the bank does. So, I shared that with the bank. THE BANK said, he is just flat out being dishonest. He's had my money since Oct 28 (for this third round).

If you talk to him again, tell him how you heard you shouldn't do business with him.

11-13-09, 08:40 PM
I agree with him and if I were talking to them I would tell them flat out that another member in my club had a bad experience and we will be taking our business somewhere else...........

vin man
11-13-09, 08:46 PM
At least you are making me feel better. I have to admit, I wanted to see these guy burn for ripping me off for $800. Just knowing that others could have sent him business and now won't makes me feel better. Thanks.

I still want my money back though...:uhh:

Mr. Austin
11-14-09, 12:21 AM
When i called we just discussed prices and what the best brand is since i didnt get much help when i posted on this site where the best radiators are >:( . Thats was about it.