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05-19-11, 09:42 PM
I have purchased a Moroso Coolant Tank Reservoir that I intend to mount in the trunk. The reservoir is made to replace the plastic tank on a 2005 and up Mustang. I could just use plastic batter claps to mount the reservoir to the trunk fl;oor but that won't look so hot. What I would like to do is to find a battery mounting tray with the clamps designed in like the Jegs XS Power Battery mount 704 570 from Jegs. the dimensions of the battery that mount is intended to hold are 10.28'' L x 6.75'' W x 7.24'' H. I am 1220 miles away from my car so I can't just walk out and measure the Moroso tank. Question I have though, is does anyone have a better solution for a trunk mounted tank? I am open to suggestions.

Here is a shot of the trunk mount locationm, I will probably turn the tank 90 degrees with the plumbing facing inward.


Thanks in advance