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12-26-12, 05:51 AM
Hi ,,
I m looking for a radio who fits in my 68 Coupe.
Fm would be nice, because only am i would get no radio station in Germany.

Im not sure, but i read the new "old" usa radios, they are in a bad quality, is this true?
I think its better to buy an old one who is working?.

Thanks for your help
best regards Jo

12-26-12, 12:05 PM
I have a 1968. I would recommend going to www.retrosoundusa.com (http://www.retrosoundusa.com/) or www.vintageautoradio.com (http://www.vintageautoradio.com/). This will be a direct fit for your car.

12-26-12, 07:49 PM
I second that, unless your trying t keep it all original

01-04-13, 11:59 AM
Ibought a Ford Radio who fit in my Pony, its from 68-71, and it has A/m fm and Stereo!
Its on the way to germany, so i will see in some days what i ve bought :)