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03-23-06, 04:04 PM
hi does anyone know about vecco turbo systems? im looking at their twin turbo kits but im having a hard time getting informative feedback, although pretty much everything has been good. any info is greatly appreciated.

04-18-07, 03:14 AM
Firstly I would like to apologize for my not fluent English.

If you live in the USA, you will most probably have no problems with VECCO ....

.... BUT DO NOT TRADE WITH THESE GUYS IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE USA!!!!! If you want to deal with VECCO HIGH PERFORMANCE (or maybe him as I suppose - Mr. Branden), you should know:

1. They/He never pick up the phone .... NEVER
2. All international orders must be paid via Certified Bank Check/Money Order, Money Transfer or Wire Transfers FOR EXTRA $20 USD!!! .... what for - I have no idea
3. Nevertheless, DO NOT SEND THE MONEY BY BANK TRANSFER - YOU LOOSE TIME and later Branden may let you know that you have been late with the money and the parts have not been in stock, so you have to wait 4 weeks (as happened to me).
4. When you pay - pay the money only via Western Union since it take minutes the money to reach VECCO.
5. Discuss in deep details the way they/he will dispatch the parcel - either EMS, Airmail, FedEx, UPS, etc. etc. - you may be badly surprised later

My case was as follows.

I ordered items via eBay on Jan-26.

I was supposed to pay the money in 10 days so I could be sure that the parts were in stock. I sent the money on Jan-30 that had been transfered to beneficiary's account on Jan-31. He had received the money on Feb-02 - as supoosed in 3 days, so they/he had received the money in 7 days after I ordered the items. So he was supposed to dispatch the items in a couple of days, let say Feb-06 and should have received them in up to 10 working days - before Feb-20.

I asked him on Feb-16 what was the status of the parcel - he said:

Yes, we send them thru USPS. They did not give a tracking number.


Best Regards,
Vecco High Perf., Inc

On Feb-22 I started worring with the package and sent him another e-mail. He replied:

Hi, the item will need more time to arrive. It was sent thru USPS.

On Feb-26 I started warring seriously. I sent him another e-mail and he answered:

It definitely will not arrive that fast. We send items to Bulgaria

frequently and usually take 4-8 weeks. It has to clear customs, which also
can take some time. USPS doesn't provide a bill of lading - only our freight
and sea shipments on pallets will.

By the way, I asked him many times to send me any proof that he had dispatched the items - I got nothing.

I was angered and sent him an angry and irritated e-mail on Feb-27. He answered:

No items are sent ground. We send all items Air Mail or Express Mail.

I sent him many e-mails later on. He was claiming that the parcel was in transit zone .... does this zone cover the space between the Earth and the Moon?!?!

I decided to contact eBay customer support on Mar-30. Most probably he was contacted by eBay customer support, because he sent me finaly the verification number the same day - VF821126357US (you may check it yourself) ... even he accused me in making scam!!!!!!

What was my surprise when I entered the verification number .... tha parcel had been handed over on Feb-28 - 3 weeks after he had received the money!!!!!

When I asked hi why he had been lieing to my face, he was quite dishonest to accuse me that all was my fault, that I had sent the money not on time, etc. etc.

However, I was quite tolerated and sent 11 positive feedbacks and one neutral on eBay.

I was surprised again when received his last two e-mails:

It seems like you have been angry with all your emails. It seems like you

will not be happy no matter what.

All items were sent out as soon as everything was in stock. It took 10 or so
days for your payment to arrive.

If you send an email and leave a voice message asking a question, we will
respond to the email. No reason to call and say the same thing over.

We list this in all our auctions.

"Upon completion of auction payment must be made within 10 days or item will
be relisted. We offer no guarantees on stock if payment is not received
before 10 days from auction close."

"Please do not plan your project, birthday present, car show or race etc.
around shipping estimates. There are many outside factors that affect
shipping transit time that are simply out of our control."


We were going to SEMA at the end of February, all though this may not seem
important to you, but we spent the whole month of February planning this
trip since it is 3,000 miles away. I am sorry you are upset. I did
everything I could to accommodate you everyway I could under the



-----Original Message-----
From: eBay Member: tabakoff700430 [mailto:member@ebay.com]
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 6:07 AM
To: info@vecco.net
Subject: Message from eBay Member Regarding Item #190073432439

Branden, I know that very well. I have been trading with american companies
for years. Even with those situated on the west coast with 10 hours
difference. I have been calling you from 9am till 5pm east time at least 20
time maybe, three times left message on the answering machine ... no respons
at all.

On the other hand you have dispatched the package on Feb-28. Do I have to
remind you your e-mails from Feb-16, Feb-22, Feb-26 ...? And only when I
sent you my first irritated and angry e-mail on Feb-27, you have sent the
items immediately on the next day - Feb-28!!!

This is out of fellow feeling and not in terms of good trading. More over,
you accused me of making scam ... In this trade who looks making scam?!?!

I wanted to leave 12 negative feedbacks, but that would ruin your image, you
would lose face on eBay.

You sent the reducers without clamps. I believe this is omission, I will by
from Bulgaria.

You have charged me for handling with $84 USD ... honestly, do you thing
that handling of this package costs this money?! I received the core
damaged, thanks God only at the short side so when I cut the core it will
not affect the intercooler.

You should consider your behaviour when making overseas business in future.
I did not leave negative feedbacks, but next one most probably will not do
such a curtsy.


And to close these topic, he refused to leave any feedbacks for the ordered and paid items on eBay ... because he had nothing to say.


Just to warn you again - if you deal with this guy - BE VERY VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!!!



04-18-07, 11:32 AM
Sorry to hear about your problems Mike.

Well your our first international member.

Tell us about your car.

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