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08-07-08, 12:08 PM
i have started an list of all the shops, services, websites, catalogs for free, and what not that i used to gain knowledge or for the difficult projects that are beyond my know how.

if there are any of these places you people of the vintage mustang persuasion go to and use, feel free to share the knowledge. i will compile this into an excel doc if you would like a copy, pm me with your email address.

thank you!!!!!


01-11-10, 07:03 PM

Thanks a lot

01-13-10, 09:55 AM
East valley mustang-parts and restoration knowledge
The Mustang Shop-performance, service and modification shop, John lets me look at the cars on the racks-very useful at times
Nicks Mustang-paint and body guy, Paul has been painting cars for 55 years, he looks 60 but claims to be 70. He has specialized in vintage mustangs for nearly 10 years and has a ton of used parts. The shop is named after his son-I believe.

Mr. Austin
01-13-10, 10:08 AM
Napa Machine Shop on 57th and myrtle. The younger guy in there does really good work and cares about his customer. Its not like your in napa at all they are more or less another company attached to the same building.

Carburators Unlimited. He does tuning, rebuilds, timing, anything with tuning the motor from points in the distributor to floats in the carb. Very Very Very good. Right off of 83rd and grand ave. FANTASTIC work and he loves the people not the money. hes a retired guy who purchased a single bay garage so he can have a little business out of it. Rox when your motor is doe i recommend him to fine tune it for you.

Dont forget PSR!

Highperformancestangs.com :P
Oriellyautoparts.com <-- if you find a better price on anything Checkers/Orielly's has even if it is from online (only from our site) we will price mach so keep that in mind

Detailing i use Jodatty <-- Claybar and all

And my newest a favorite one would be Joe Ritz. I am starting to really like his shop even though it is a drive for us.
Im sure you have most of these but if not then i reminded you. Carburators unlimited is just one guy and his son. and i recommend him highly for new and old cars.

03-08-10, 08:53 PM
Could you email me a copy of your sources.