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07-23-09, 08:38 AM
We now have IN STOCK with Same Day Shipping the Revan Racing/ Shelby Dual Pass Heat Exchangers with Dual Puller Fans and their High Capacity Radiator.

These are top of the line cooling components for your GT500 and will drastically reduce intercooler and engine coolant temps.

If you're interested in ordering either one of these please feel free to place your order online or by giving us a call.

http://www.lethalperformance.com/07-09-she...er-fans-p-29785 (http://www.lethalperformance.com/07-09-shelby-gt500-cooling-heat-exchangers-c-2052_2055_2701/shelby-07-09-gt500-dual-pass-heat-exchangerdual-puller-fans-p-29785)


With any supercharged vehicle it's important to monitor the temperature of the air entering the engine's combustion chamber. For the most part the intercooler system does a good job however after the car warms up the intercooler system does as well. What happens is the temperature of the coolant in the intercooler system rises and when it reached a certain point the vehicles air temp sensor has the computer pull timing. This is also referred to as "Heat Soak". A good way to prevent heat soak and lost power from warmer intercooler temps is to install a larger heat exchanger. In this case Shelby not only has designed a larger more efficient heat exchanger than the stock unit but they've also added dual puller fans to help improve the air flow across the heat exchangers cooling fins.

The Shelby Performance GT500 Dual Pass heat exchanger with dual puller fans helps remove maximum heat from the intake air by keeping intercooler coolant cooler. The Shelby Performance Heat Exchanger has shown as much as 50 deg intake air temperature drop. Racers feedback confirms noticeable gains in all areas with the cooler air. A huge advantage in high rpm settings and at the track.Less heat equals more power as it's no longer lost to "Heat Soak".

Made in the US by Shelby and offered by Lethal Performance.

The perfect cooling mod for road racers as well as street and strip applications.

Aluminum finish, made to the highest tolerances with compact twin fans. Easy to install with complete installation instructions.

http://www.lethalperformance.com/07-09-she...adiator-p-29786 (http://www.lethalperformance.com/07-09-shelby-gt500-cooling-radiators-c-2052_2055_7412/shelby-07-09-gt500-high-capacity-performance-radiator-p-29786)


Shelby Performance GT500 High Capacity Performance Radiators deliver maximum cooling. Made in the US by Shelby and available through Lethal Performance. Perfect for road racers and street/strip applications. Beautiful Aluminum finish, made to the highest tolerances and super light weight. All the perfomance, none of the fat.

On track testing of the stock unit in extreme conditions while running a 3.4L Whipple Supercharger with 17 lbs of boost Engine Coolant Temperatures exceed 250 degrees and Cylinder Head Temperatures exceeded 290 degrees with a 160 degree thermostat. Huge power loss due to spark and timing retard at these temperature levels.

After installation of the Shelby Radiator on track testing revealed amazing results. The Engine Coolant Temperature dropped to a stagnant at 200 degrees and Cylinder Head Temperature stayed a manageable 230-240 degrees. Thatís a 50 degree difference in Engine Coolant Temperature and Cylinder Head Temperature. The core design and larger capacity made a tremendous difference in engine cooling performance.

The radiator core is a proprietary core to C&R Racing for NASCAR. It is a low speed core designed for low speed tracks on the NASCAR circuit. Now you can have NASCAR technology, research and engineering on your Shelby GT500. Itís track and street tested and proven. Due to the dramatic decrease in Cylinder Head Temperatures timing can be increased which results in MORE POWER!