View Full Version : Looking for an Aluminum Radiator

Mr. Austin
07-26-09, 02:42 PM
For a 69 Mustang. i have an electric fan just needing a new radiator. Thought i would see if anyone has one laying around they forgot about.:hi:

Mr. Austin
07-27-09, 08:41 AM
bump 1nce

09-11-09, 04:43 PM
TRY THESE GUYS... http://www.universalpartsinc.com/
they have an ebay store too.

Be warned I am not sure if they make all their radiators or not. I bought a special ford 28" wide 16" tall crossflow (2-1" cores) with built in oil cooler from them for $290. That is a very good deal in my opinion. It showed up at my door with a norther radiator sticker and an invoice of $175. So they made $100 bucks off taking my call. But, they were the cheapest I could find that met my wishes.

You might also try a custom fabbed radiator from Air Mobile near dunlap and 7th street. They are about $300 and you have someone local to complain to if you have a problem.

and yes, I chopped up my radiator support to make it work and it looks sweet.