View Full Version : Cruise On Central

Mr. Austin
10-04-09, 08:17 PM
Car show! Any other mustangs going?

10-04-09, 09:24 PM
I am going to try and go down in the afternoon.

10-05-09, 08:37 AM
I will be there...

Mr. Austin
10-05-09, 09:40 AM
I do believe there will also be a group from WWM heading out. I am going to present the idea of us west side guys cruising out there all together. So if you are on this side or will be on this side for work just let me know i we keep you up to date.

10-05-09, 09:59 AM
Me memememememememememe going

10-05-09, 01:04 PM
im going to be meeting dennis at his house and then we are going to meet jim at 51st ave. and thomas. i believe theres a qt or something. so maybe we can all meet up there.

10-05-09, 03:58 PM
thinkin about canceling the track trip i had planned and doing this.

10-05-09, 06:41 PM
I'll be there!right around the corner from work!:pinkthumb:

crazy ray
10-06-09, 09:23 AM
I'm there. I heard that they might be charging $5.00 to park at the Mall.

Mr. Austin
10-06-09, 09:31 AM
They are charging. it is on the flyer on the right hand bottom corner on the fender