• Turbo 400 Conversion 2004 Mustang Cobra

    Parts list and considerations:

    JW SFI Flex Plate
    JW SFI Bell
    JW Crank Adapter
    Bolts for Bell to Block
    Bolts for flex plate to crank - Ford Auto Mach 1
    Bolts converter to flex plate
    Bolts for cross member to trans mount.
    Custom Driveshaft
    Trans Cooler
    Cooler Mounting Hardware
    Cooler Lines and fittings
    Center console kit if relocating shifter from stock position
    Trans-brake button
    Trans Temp Gauge

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    Rossler Terminator 3 TH-400

    Installing was way easier than a T-56. I was surprised how small the tranny was compared to a 6 speed.

    Ultimate Converter Concepts 10" Converter
    3700 transbrake stall.
    Fill it with one quart of ATF prior to installing on the tranny.

    Steel Deep Pan

    (JW The Wheel) flex plate

    Get flexplate bolts from an Auto Mach 1 as the six speed flywheel bolts are too long.

    Converter Spacing was a little greater than 9/64" So about .140" which falls in the ranger of .125 - .187

    This is without the stock starter index plate which is .073" thick. If the plate was used I would have had about .213" spacing which is too much.

    To measure your converter spacing push the converter back into the tranny. Place a drill bit between the converter pad and flexplate.

    Energy Suspension TH-400 Mount.
    Drill out the stock crossmember.

    Grade 8 Allen bolts and lock washers to fit in the tight area.
    The bolts with the mount kit will not fit.

    In the car. Motor angle is a few degrees output shaft down just like stock.

    My trans B&M Hi-Tek Trans Cooler.
    Mounted in the Drivers Sider Fender.
    Thermostat Activated Fan, but I am going to wire it to run all the time.
    Get some hanging hardware from your local hardware store.

    Trans Cooler Lines. -6 Aeroquip

    Hose routing under the fan then a right thru the tubular k member to the tranny

    CSR tranny vent catch can. Fluid hose has to go up or down, but not both or it will act like a sink trap and not vent.

    Lokar Dipstick

    B&M Pro Ratchet Shifter.
    Carbon Fiber Console kit.
    Six speed boot will go around the shifter when complete.

    Line Lock on the Right Switch
    Trans brake in the hole for the left switch.

    I trimmed a few edges on the shifter to fit the console plate better.

    You have to cut some of the tunnel for the shift cable to pass thru.

    Delete Panel

    When all is done I will fill the shifter cable hole with some adhesive and insulation.

    To setup your safety switch on your auto shifter you first need to locate the clutch safety switch on the left side of the clutch pedal. Pull out the connector. I took 2 male flat wire connectors and filed them slightly to fit into the female slots of the connector. Run the wires to your auto shifter safety switch and your done. You use the same concept for the reverse lights. Just tie into the two wires on the T-56 harness.

    I ended up going with the T-Handle. I like it better than the ball.
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. samsmith's Avatar
      samsmith -
      good thing that someone had just posted some of this things. this is really helpful to me. i can see how easy the job, but if you are the one to perform it, of course i know, it is kinda difficult.
    1. mikeymike83's Avatar
      mikeymike83 -
      where did you get the shifter console trim from?
    1. BurnTire's Avatar
      BurnTire -
      4sdvenom on modular fords. I don't think he is making the kit anymore.
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