• Mustang Cobra--How to covert and ABS Sensor into a Speedometer Sensor

    This is a method to make an ABS sensor to works as a speedometer sensor. This is helpful for those converting to an auto transmission. The price to make a TH-400 work in a conventional manner was several hundred dollars. That drove me to look for a more affordable solution.

    Thanks to 03steve & street lethal for providing info to make this tutorial possible.

    This is how I tied into the Right Front ABS sensor.

    This is for a car that does not have functional ABS.

    YE/RD is (+) Positive
    YE/BK is (-) is Negative

    • Go to the right fender remove the tire and liner then locate the ABS connection.
    • I cut the ABS connector out and taped off the Yellow wires going to the PCM.

    This connector replaces the speedo connector on the tranny harness. After you cut the connector out you will have still have a Black and Brown wires going to the ABS Tone Ring. (You need to extend these ABS wires out to the tranny harness) The Black is +The Brown is - Purchased some new Red and Black wire.

    • Connect the new Red wire to the (+) Black wire going to the ABS Tone Ring
    • Connect the new Black wire to the (-) Brown wire going to the ABS tone Ring

    • I routed the wire thru the antenna grommet then behind the glove box and radio then down under the shifter bezel to tranny tunnel.

    • Now take the ABS connector you cut out and attach it to the new wiring in the tunnel.
    • Attach the new red wire to the (+) black wire on the connector.
    • Attach the new black wire to the (-) brown wire on the connector.

    Now it is time to tie into the speedo wiring.
    • Locate the (OSS) Output Shaft Sensor connector (Speedo) on the tranny harness. I cut the T-56 OSS connector off as the ABS connector above replaces it.

    The OSS wiring is DG/WH (+) positiveGY/RD (-) negative

    • Connect the (OSS) DG/WH + to the (ABS) Connector YE/RD +
    • Connect the (OSS) GY/RD- to the (ABS) Connector YE/BK -

    Now you are done with the wiring and have successfully created an removable connection. Now the tune must be adjusted.The PCM needs to know how many turns of the OSS are required to make one revolution of the tire.The Front Tone Ring has 50 teeth. So you need to set the following parameters in the tune.

    Number of holes for OSS sensor 10
    AxleRatio 5.00
    Tire Revs Per Mile - (Set based on front tire data)

    The PCM will now calculated one tire revolution based on 50 pulses which is how many teeth are on the tone ring.

    GPS tested and accurate within 1MPH.
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