• Mustang Cobra Half Shaft Removal and Installation

    These are some photos from when I removed and installed half shafts 3 times in 2 months. Well thats a whole different story.

    Put the rear of the car on jack stands and remove the wheels.

    Take the e brake off

    35MM Axle socket from autozone.
    Remove the nut.

    Remove the e brake cable from the retainer. Just grab it with pliers and pull.

    Remove the clip on the end of the e brake cable housing. A Small Screw driver will do the trick.

    Remove the bolt near the spring perch.

    Pull the cable out of the knuckle assembly.

    Remove the 2 brake caliper bolts 15mm

    Zip tie the calipers out of the way.

    Remove the tie rod end bolt 18mm.

    With the bolt still on loose. Tap it and the rod pop loose. Or you can buy a fancy tool that fords recommends if you are rich. LOL

    If you never had your rotors off before you need to remove this clip on the stud.

    Remove the rotor.

    The knuckle has an upper and lower bolt.
    The upper is a cam bolt.
    Mark it with paint. The bolt must be reinstalled in the same position as it came out.

    Remove the nut and bolt 18mm.

    It is hard to get the half shaft boot past the shock.
    Place a jack under the control arm to keep the spring from popping out and injuring you.

    Then remove the lower shock mount bolt 18mm

    Near the differential I find it easy to place 2 screwdrivers between the tone ring and diff then gently pry the shaft loose. Be careful not to damage the diff seals. It will pop out easy.

    If you just need to remove only the half shaft and not the hub tap on the end of the shaft with a hammer to get it free from the hub. It will slide out without without removing the the lower knuckle nut/bolt

    If you are doing a hub and/or bearing replacement remove the lower knuckle nut/bolt 18mm.

    Then just pull the shaft out with the knuckle attached.

    Half shaft was a little tight so a little pressure removed it from the hub but a BFH will work also.

    Press the wheel hubs out.

    Flip the knuckle over and remove the bearing retainer rings.

    Press the old bearings out. They press out from the opposite side of the hubs.

    Press your new bearing in then install the retainer clips.

    Flip the knuckle over and press the wheel hub in.


    Support the inner bearing race when pressing the hub in or you will ruin the new bearing.

    You can see the race supported in the picture below on the bottom side of the knuckle.

    Re install the half shafts in reverse order from removal.

    Axle nut torque is 240 ft-lbs on stock shafts.
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