• HID Install (99-04) Mustang

    99-04 Mustang HID Install
    By Tony Nesbitt

    This is a write up for the install of an hid kit on a 99-04 mustang. The car used for this write up is a 2004 GT, but the info will work for all mustang models (99-04 for wire routing).

    Tools and Supplies Required:

    - HID kit of your choice (apexcone 35w 6K kit used in this write up)
    - Flat Blade Screw Driver
    - Phillips Screw Driver
    - Razor Blade
    - Scissors
    - Double sided tape (3m body panel tape is the best!)
    - Rubbing Alcohol
    - Zip ties

    Step 1: Remove the headlight housings by pulling up the two clips the hold the headlight to the header panel.(Pic A) Unplug the headlight and the turnsignal bulb to completely remove the housing from the car.(Pic B & C) You may need a flatblade screw driver to remove the headlight plug due to the size of the clips. Its also rather likely that you will break atleast one of the clips retaining the parking light socket. My car is missing both, but the socket stays perfectly attached once the headlight is back on the car.

    Pic A

    Pic B

    Pic C

    Step 2: Plug the power adapter into the bulb connecter, and connect it to the hid ballast, and connect the ballast to the hid bulb that is still in its protective plastic case. Turn on the lights to verifiy the bulbs proper operation.(Pic D) This is done to make sure all the parts are in working order before going through the hassle of mounting the bulb in the housing, or the ballst to the vehicle. Sometimes the power wires have to be swapped where they go into the ballast.(Pic E) This step will verify if you need to do this.

    Pic D

    Pic E

    Step 3: Remove headlight bulb from the housing buy twisting the connecter and gently pulling the bulb out. Install HID bulb into the housing, being extremely careful to not let you hands or anything else touch the glass on the new hid bulb. If something does come into contact with the hid bulb, use a dry lint free towel to gently wipe the bulb. Any finger prints or debris will make your bulb explode. After the bulb is back in, place the retainer back on and twist till it locks.(Pic F)

    Pic F

    Step 4: Remove the clips the hold the radiator support cover, and remove the cover. This will expose the area just in front of the radiator, and the back side of the front bumper which will be used as a mounting place for the ballast.(Pics G & H)

    Pic G

    Pic H

    Step 5: Trim off the rubber grommet that is on the power harness for the hid kit. on a 99-04 mustang is is not needed, and removing it allows for a cleaner install, and better routing of the wires. (Pic I)

    Pic I

    Step 6: Clean the mounting surface and the back of the ballast with alcohol and apply double sided tape to the backside of the ballast.(Pic J) also clean the surface on the backside of the bumper with alcohol so that the tape will adhere properly. Carefully mount the ballst on the backside of the bumper allowing enough room for the wires to attach to the hid bulb, and to the power harness.(Pic K)

    Pic J

    Pic K

    Step 7: Connect the power conecter to the socket(Pic L), and route the wires to the ballst. Also connect the hid bulb harness to the bulbs while carefully routing the harness through the header panel.(Pic M) I used a couple of zip ties to tie the wires together to make for a nice clean install.(Pics N & O)

    Pic L

    Pic M

    Pic N

    Pic O

    Step 8: Carefully push headlight back into place while routing the wiring and making sure there is room for the clips that retain the headlight to slide in.(Pic P)

    Pic P

    Step 9: Slide the headlight retainer clips back in, and turn on the headlights to verify proper operation.

    Step 10: Stand back and admire the beautiful light that your car now emits! (Pic Q)

    Pic Q

    Step 11: Complete steps 1-10 on the other side of the car.

    Step 12: Replace Radiator cover removed in Step 4.

    Step 13: Adjust headlights if necessary.
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