• Maximum Motorsports 6 Point Roll Bar Project 2004 Mustang Cobra

    Maximum Motorsports M 6 Point Roll Bar Project 2004 Mustang Cobra

    Well after all the talk about my project and no action I finally got started. Started the interior stripping to install the MM 6 point roll bar.
    I have been weighing all the items so I will start a weight reduction thread soon.

    1 less thing for Tech to bitch about.

    Bar has been fitted and remove. You will have to massage the floor some to get it to fit.
    Out for main hoop welding and powder coating tomorrow.

    Roll Bar is in.

    Get a tube of seam sealer and seal all the backing plates if you plan to ever be in the rain.

    How I did my 5 point harness setup.

    I used Gforce grade 8 eyebots and hardware.
    I used snap hooks to mount the 3 lower belts.
    Snap hooks allow the belts to pull straight in a crash.
    If your belt is bolted to the floor and the angle is wrong at the mount the belt could fail in a crash.

    Also snap hooks allow you to remove the belts in a few seconds. Removing the shoulder harness is easy also being they wrap around the cross bar.

    Remove the stock lower seat belt mounting bolt and replace with a grade 8 eyebolt. Use a nut to secure the bolt to the body and leave some space to allow the factory seatbelt to rotate. Note the forward angle of the eyebolt.

    Eyebolt with factory seat belt mounted.
    Use a 3" snap hook.

    Drill into the tunnel for the inboard mount.
    Eyebolt and 3" snap hook.
    Note forward angle of eyebolt.

    Use a backing plate on the bottom side of the car.

    Drill again for the crotch stap and use a backing plate again on the bottom. Use a 2" snap hook here.
    Note eyebolt angle.

    Shoulder Harness Wraps around the cross bar.

    Finished Product with rear sear delete.
    SFI Approved Roll Bar Padding on Swing Outs.

    MMR Rear Seat Delete Kit

    I installed my Corbeau TRS seats today.

    These were the only nice seats that I could find that clears the swing out. I got the crotch strap cut out also. I really liked the stockers, but I feel they were not the safest setup for a 5 point harness.

    Install should have been easy but I always have bad luck.
    Seats got delivered to the neighbors across the street so the bad luck begins.
    Drivers slider was catching on some of the seat material when sliding the seat all the way forward. A little velcro did the trick.
    Next I notice a ball bearing in the back seat. Pull the seat out and find where it goes and put it back in the slider.
    Put the seat back in a notice the eye bolt in the tunnel for my harness is rubbing the seat and now 2 ball bearings feel out. WTF

    Pull the damn seat out again. Put the bearings back in and use a punch to make sure the damn things don't fall out again.
    Put the seat back in and strip the threads in the floor on the right rear seat bolt. Luckily there is a nut on the bottom for the subs, but I will re thread that another day.

    Move the eye bolt. Seal the old hole.

    Go to put the nuts on the underside of the car where the boltd come thru the sub frame connectors and now the stock bolts are too short because the seat bracket is thicker.

    Off to Home Depot. Of course all the grade 8 stuff isn't in the right section and 20 minute later I find everything I need.

    Come home and put the bolts in and don't break anything

    After that multi hour fiasco I start on the passenger side. 10 minutes later I was done. LOL

    Well the final product is nice. The seats are a little lower than the stockers which is good for me.

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