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99_venom - 04-20-15 01:10 AM

Finally got the ole stang painted.
sbattershell - 09-09-12 08:56 PM

I know this Car
fdkirkland - 05-15-12 11:28 PM

Got the clear bra on saturday. 3M-great for 450.00
fdkirkland - 05-15-12 11:21 PM

I got the windows tented today. It looks great!
jake.gore - 04-10-12 07:57 PM

Love it! Very gorgeous.
jake.gore - 04-06-12 01:48 PM

She's very pretty!
Wharf Rat - 03-01-12 10:51 PM

Yup. Wharf Rat like from the Dead tune. Love the Dead and that's one of my faves.
JimInNY - 03-01-12 03:00 PM

You're quite welcome. I used to get RTs like that 30 years ago at West Hampton Speedway. I'm going to find out this spring just how much 30 years of aging has slowed me down. lol

Warf Rat, after the GD song by that title? I don't know if you saw my reply to you on one of the threads, "You've come to no good, I knew you would"? I hope your name is from the song, or you might be pissed at me. lol
Wharf Rat - 02-29-12 09:59 PM

Thanks Jim. Just updated my timeslip. Faster ET but slower RT.
JimInNY - 02-29-12 09:55 PM

That's funny, first time I looked, it had that 0.037 R/T and then after I posted comment, it was a different RT and ET. It was a .112 R/T, still fantastic though. lol
JimInNY - 02-29-12 09:52 PM

R/T 0.037

Now that IS a reaction time! Nice going!
JimInNY - 02-25-12 09:12 PM

Damn, I am envious. :)
GTstang - 02-25-12 04:03 PM

LOTs of aftermarket mods...
  kith - 02-16-12 03:17 PM

Ignore, couldn't get pictures to post!!!!
jeffanddeb - 01-24-12 11:04 AM

Our new baby!
maddme - 11-25-11 09:59 AM

I have re-done this car in a patriotic theme. I have completed the engine bay mods, suspension, custom stereo system, and airbrushing. Please enjoy and make any comments as well.

Take Care.
ITSTOCK - 10-30-11 04:33 PM

very clean!
JoeT - 08-30-11 11:23 AM

Good looking Mach 1! Check out my site
AZ06GT - 03-30-11 11:28 PM

Nice P3. Check out the forums for just our Windveil Blues... I am on there and live in Surprise.

wrp - 03-26-11 08:26 PM

Complete Front End over haul underway as well, including bushings tie rod ends, ball joints. Also will include 90/10s and new front springs.
wrp - 03-05-11 11:18 PM

Pulled the trigger on a complete Moroso Electric Remote Water Pump with all the fittings today. Saw the SEMA display and an actual electric mounted on a BBC last Saturday night, in lust with the look. Hopefully we will get the shipment from Moroso this week and start laying out the install. We have one spacer still being fabricated for the tensioner pulley.
BurnTire - 01-03-11 01:10 AM

Project is looking good.
wrp - 12-05-10 09:20 AM

We are starting to build the cog setup now
Rick Shopmier - 11-28-10 09:44 AM

Horse Play is what this pony is all about. Lives to run.
BurnTire - 11-28-10 12:02 AM

Very Nice. Thanks for adding.