2011 FORD MUSTANG - SHELBY GT500 - "jhitz"
Owner jhitzroth

Vehicle 2011 FORD MUSTANG - SHELBY GT500
Engine Type 5.4l Supercharged V8
Color Silver Ingot
Updated 04-09-13 01:14 PM
Mileage 0 Miles
Purchase Date
Engine Size
Fuel TypePump Gasoline
Transmission StyleManual
Transmission Type
Power AdderN/A
Power Adder Size
Race Weight (with Driver)
Tire Size
Tire typeSlick
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
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Shelby GT500 SVT
AFCO Intercooler radiator, Wilwood 6p front 4p rear, Eibach MULTI-PRO-R2 dampers, Watts link, Torsen diff, sub frame connector, aluminum drive shaft, strut tower stiffeners front and rear, adjustable rear and upper control arms, battery relocated to trunk.