1989 FORD McLaren Vert
Owner HanksGT

Vehicle 1989 FORD McLaren Vert
Engine Type Eight Cylinder 5.0
Color Keewenau White
Updated 11-27-10 10:35 PM
Mileage 185,000 Miles
Purchase Date 08-18-99
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Total Modifications 0
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ASC/McLaren's were LX 5.0 coupe's special ordered from select Ford dealers and built in groups for the project by Ford. They were shipped to ASC in Detroit where they were converted to convertibles, equipped with unique ground effects and interiors and painted with Sikkens paint from Holland. They were then (about 6 months later) shipped to the ordering Ford dealer. This '89 was an $11,000 coupe with a $13,000 ASC/McLaren package on it.

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Don't ask at 185,000...