2008 FORD MUSTANG - GT GT/CS - "Red Candy"
Owner Scott GT/CS

Vehicle 2008 FORD MUSTANG - GT GT/CS
Engine Type 8 Cylinder Supercharger
Color Dark Candy Apple Red
Updated 03-15-13 06:20 PM
Mileage 26,145 Kilometres
Purchase Date 05-22-09
Engine Size4.6L 3V
Fuel TypePump Gasoline
Transmission StyleAuto
Transmission Type5 Speed Auto
Power AdderBlower
Power Adder SizeVortech V-3 Si-Trim
Race Weight (with Driver)
Tire SizeFront 185/55/17, Rear 325/50/15
Tire typeET Street
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 4649

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Limited-edition 2008 Ford Mustang GT California Special assembled at Auto Alliance International on 05/05/2008. This vehicle is #4,688 of a build of 4,918 coupes and is 1,215 of 1,278 manufactured in Dark Candy Apple Red.

• Vortech V-3 Si-Trim HO Polished Supercharger with Charge Cooler
• Steeda Billet Charge-Motion Delete Plates
• DiabloSport MAFia
• Canton Aluminum Vortech Expansion Tank
• Ford Racing Performance Parts 3V Spark Plugs 12 MM (M-12405-3V12MM)
• JLT Performance Oil Separator Catch Can
• Moroso Performance Parts Aluminium Supercharger Coolant Tank
• Royal Purple 5W20 Synthetic Oil
• Ford Racing Performance Parts High Performance Oil Filter FL-820
• Russell Performance -12AN Stainless Steel Hose and Aluminum Fittings for Charge Cooler Coolant Lines
• Shelby Performance Parts Oil Pressure Gauge Adapter
• UPR Billet 3 Bolt Belt Tensioner

Fuel Delivery:
• Ford Racing Performance Parts 62mm GT Billet Throttle Body
• Ford Racing Performance Parts GT 500 Dual Fuel Pump System
• Ford Racing Performance Parts 39 lbs/hr Fuel Injectors
• Fore Precision Billet Fuel Rails
• Fore Precision Mustang GT Fuel Rail Install Kit
• Russell Performance Stainless Steel Fuel Hose Kit
• Gasoline - Sunoco/Petro Canada 94 Octane
• SCT X3 Tuner - Dynometer Tuned by DaSilva Racing
• Taylor Performance Parts Trunk Mounted Aluminium Battery Box

• American Racing Headers Stainless Steel Long Tube Headers 1 Ύ” Primaries
• American Racing Headers X-Pipe Crossover with Cats
• Magnaflow Cat-Back 3” Stainless Steel Exhaust System with Magnapack Mufflers
• Stack Racing Stainless Steel Exhaust Hangers

Under Hood Styling:
• California Pony Car Radiator Extension Covers
• Cervini’s Auto Design Hood Struts
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Coated 3-Valve Cam Covers
• Kirban Performance Chrome Plated Hood Latch
• Moroso Performance Parts Aluminium Brake Reservoir Cover
• Moroso Performance Parts Aluminium Fuse Box Cover
• Polished Stainless Steel Fender Bolts
• Steeda Polished Billet Fuse Box Cover
• Steeda Polished Billet A/C Check Valve Cover
• Stack Racing Chrome Cap Dress Up Kit
• UPR Polished Vapour Vent Cap Cover
• UPR Polished Billet Battery Tray
• UPR Polished Billet Cowl Pin Cap Covers
• UPR Polished Billet Throttle Body Actuator Cover
• UPR Polished Billet Aluminum Coil Pack Covers
• UPR Polished Billet Oil Dipstick Handle

• Axle Exchange 4” One-piece Aluminum Drive Shaft w/Pinion Flange
• BMR Suspensions Front Drive Shaft Loop
• Ford Racing Performance Parts 4.10 : 1 Ring & Pinion
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Ring and Pinion Installation Kit (B)
• Ford Racing Performance Parts 8.8” Aluminum Differential Girdle/Cover with Stainless Steel Fasteners
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Friction Modifier
• Ford Rear Axle Vent Hose Assembly
• Lube Locker 8.8” Differential Gasket
• Performance Automatic 5R55 Deep Aluminum Pan, Stainless Steel Fasteners and Filler Tube Set with Dipstick
• Royal Purple Max-Gear SAE 75W140 Gear Oil
• TA Performance 8.8” Bearing Cap Stud Kit
• TCI Auto StreetFighter Ratchet Shifter

Front Suspension / Bracing:
• BMR Suspensions Tubular K-Member
• BMR Suspensions Adjustable A-Arms
• BMR Suspensions A-Arms Support Brace
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Mustang Jounce Bumpers
• Ford Motorcraft Boss 302 Strut Tower Brace
• Ford Racing Performance Parts SVT Strut Rubber Insulators
• Maximum Motorsport Caster/Camber Plates
• Maximum Motorsport Strut Mount Hardware Kit, Strut to Spindle
• Shelby Performance Parts Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links
• Steeda Sport Springs
• Steeda Adjustable Front Sway Bar
• Steeda Light Weight Radiator Support
• Tokico D-Spec Adjustable Struts

Rear Suspension / Bracing:
• BMR Suspensions Xtreme Anti Roll Bar
• Bump Stop Frame Brackets Removed
• Bump Stop Relocation Plates
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Mustang Jounce Bumpers
• Jounce Bumper Relocation Plates
• Steeda Sport Springs
• Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar
• Steeda Heavy Duty Panhard Bar Brace
• Steeda Adjustable Upper Control Arm
• Steeda Billet Lower Control Arms
• Sway Bar Axle Housing Mounts Trimmed for 15”x10” Rim Clearance
• Tokico D-Spec Shocks
• UPR Lower Control Arms Relocation Brackets

• AeroForce Interceptor Scan Gauge
• Amustangrocksleather.com Ύ Length Leather E-Brake Arm Cover
• Amustangrocksleather.com Padded Leather Arm Rest Cover
• Auto Meter Nexus Series Gauges: Fuel Pressure, Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio, Vacuum/Boost, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature and Transmission Temperature
• Auto Meter Nexus 8 Channel Sensor and Remote
• FRPP Ford Racing Logo Floor Mats
• Ford Racing Performance Parts GT500 Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
• Glove Box Trunk Release Push Button
• Pioneer Electronics AV Receiver w/iPod Control, DVD Playback & Bluetooth AVH-P3200BT
• Pioneer Electronics Car Deck Remote CD-R55
• Pioneer Electronics Front Speakers TS-D6802R
• Roush Performance Vent Gauge Pod
• Speed of Sound Dove Gray “A” Pillar Triple Gauge Pod
• Speed of Sound Dash Triple Gauge Pod
• Steeda Billet Pedal Covers
• Steeda Billet Dead Pedal
• UPR Polished Billet Front Speaker Rings
• UPR Polished Billet Steering Wheel Badge
• UPR Polished Billet Mirror Control Knob & Bezel
• UPR Polished Billet Door Pins
• UPR Polished Billet E-Brake Handle
• UPR Polished Billet Power Plug
• UPR Polished Billet Cup Holder
• UPR Polished Billet Ultra Light Door Handles
• UPR Polished Billet Designer Door Pin Bezels
• UPR Polished Xtreme Billet Window Switch Plates
• UPR Polished Billet Map Light Buttons
• UPR Polished Billet Seat Recliner Lever
• UPR Polished Billet Seat Release Lever
• UPR Polished Billet Power Lumbar Seat Switch Button
• UPR Polished Billet Power Seat Button Covers
• UPR Polished Billet Headlight Knob Cover
• UPR Polished Billet AC Knob Covers
• UPR Polished Billet Large Oval Clothes Hangers
• UPR Polished Billet Lock Switch Covers

• Agent 47 Brake Cooling Scoops 2005-2009 Shelby GT/ California Special
• American Muscle Mirror Covers, Paint Code: JV
• Anzo Euro w/Amber Reflector Park Lights
• Cervinis Ram Air Type IV Hood with Billet Inserts
• FRPP GT 500 Rear Spoiler
• WebElectric Sequential Turn Signals
• Silver Horse Racing California Special Honeycomb Lower Grille
• Silver Horse Racing Honeycomb Deck Lid Panel
• Smoked Tail Lights
• Stack Racing 8” Shorty Antenna
• Stack Racing Satin-Black Tail Light Trim
• Street Scene Center Fog Light Honeycomb Grille
• UPR Polished Billet Gas Cap Cover
• Covercraft Technalon Car Cover – for storage

Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
• Nitto NT-555 - 255/45 R18 103W (Street)
• SVT GT 500 Mustang - 5-Lug, 4.5” Bolt Circle, 7.125” Backspacing, 45mm Offset 18” X 9.5” (Street)
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Open End Wheel Nuts for SVT Wheels (Street)
• M&H Racemaster Front Runner Radial 185/55/17’s (Strip)
• Race Star Industries Drag Wheel 5-Lug, 2.5” backspacing, 17” x 4.5” (Strip)
• McGard Drag Racing Lug Nuts (For Race Star Wheels with ARP Studs) (Strip)
• Agent 47 Brake Cooling Kit 2005-2009 Mustang
• Baer Pro+ 6P, Six Piston Calipers, 2 Piece 14” Slotted and Drilled Rotors & Stainless Steel Lines
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Front Hubs with ARP Long Wheel Studs
• Russell Performance Speed Bleeders

• Nitto NT-555 - 285/40 R18 101W (Street)
• SVT GT 500 Mustang - 5-lug, 4.5” Bolt Circle, 7.125” Backspacing, 45mm Offset 18” X 9.5” (Street)
• Ford Racing Performance Parts Open End Wheel Nuts for SVT Wheels (Street)
• Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial 325/50/15’s (Strip)
• Race Star Industries Drag Wheel, 5-Lug, 7.5” Backspacing, 15” x 10.0” (Strip)
• McGard Drag Racing Lug Nuts (For Race Star Wheels with ARP Studs) (Strip)
• ARP Long Wheel Studs
• Baer Decela Slotted and Drilled Rotors
• Dupli-Color Red Painted Calipers
• Russell Performance Speed Bleeders
• Stop Tech Stainless Steel Brake Lines

ToDo List
Ford Racing Performance Parts Aluminator Engine Build – Fall 2012 & Winter 2013 (Parts for the build):

• FRPP 4.6 Liter Aluminator Short Block 9.8:1 Compression Ratio, M-6009A463V – Inventory
• FRPP 4.6 Liter 3V Performance Intake Manifold, M-9424-463V – Inventory
• FRPP 4.6 Liter 3V 62mm Billet Throttle Body, M-9926-3V – Installed
• FRPP High Flow Fuel Injectors, Flow Rate 60 lbs/hr @ 39.15 PSL, M-9593-LU60 - Inventory
• FRPP CNC Ported 3V Cylinder Heads , M-6050-463VP3 (LH) and M-6049-463VP3 (RH) - Inventory
• FRPP 4.6L 3-Valve Cam Phaser Limiter Kit - Inventory
• FRPP Performance Head Gaskets, M-6067-3V46 - Inventory
• FRPP High Performance Oil Filter, M-6731-FL820 – Inventory
• FRPP 3V Header Gaskets, M-9448-A463V - Inventory
• ARP 4.6L 3-Valve Head Studs, 256-4202 - Inventory
• Moroso Performance Parts Ford Modular 7qt Capacity, 6 ½” Deep Sump Oil Pan, 20548 – Inventory
• Canton 4.6L / 5.4L Oil Pan Stud Kit, CAN22-364 – Inventory
• Ford OEM Oil Pan Gasket, 3L3Z-6720-AA - Inventory
• TSS 3V/GT500 Oil Pump Assembly w/ Billet Gears - Inventory
• Vortech 6 Rib Supercharger Pulley (2.87”), 2A036-287 – On Order
• TurboXS Blow Off Valve, RBV-25 - Inventory
• Comp Cams XFI™ SPR Ford 4.6L/5.4L Modular 3V Cams (Springs and Phaser Modifications Required), 127550 – Inventory
• FRPP 4.6L 3C Camshaft Drive Kit, M-6004-463V – Inventory
• Ford OEM Cam Phaser Bolts, 2 @ 3L3Z-6279-DA - Inventory
• Ford OEM VCT Housing Gaskets - 3L3Z-6C285-AA Right Hand and 3L3Z-6C286-EA Left Hand - Inventory
• Ford OEM 2 Valve Steel Bodied Tensioners, F6AZ-6L266-DA Right Hand and F6AZ-6L266-CA Left Hand - Inventory
• Ford OEM Timing Cover Gaskets, 4R3Z-6020-BE, 4R3Z-6020-DB, 4R3Z-6020-EB - Inventory
• ATI Harmonic Balancer – ATI Super Damper Serpentine Series, 918039 – Inventory
• ARP Harmonic Damper Bolt, 156-2501 – Inventory
• Ford OEM Crankshaft Key, FLAZ-6B316-AA – Inventory
• Ford OEM Front Oil Seal, XW4Z-6700-AA - Inventory
• PRW SFI 3V 8-Bolt Flexplate - PRW Platinum Series SFI-Rated Steel Flexplate, 1828111 – Inventory
• ARP Flexplate Bolts (8), M10 x 1.00 (UHL .800), 254-2901 – Inventory
• UPR Billet 3 Bolt Tensioner and Custom Billet 76mm Tensioner Pulley - UPR 3030-02 and Carmen Goudey S197 76mm Pulley - Installed
• ARH Mustang 3V 2005-2010 Stainless Steel Headers1 Ύ” Primaries w/Catted X-Pipe, MST0634WC - Installed
• Mangnaflow Ford Mustang GT, Shelby GT500 3 inch Cat Back Exhaust, 16674 - Installed
• Stage 8 Stage 8 Locking Header Bolt System 8mm, 1.25x22mm, 8906M – Inventory
• Circle D Specialties Multi Disk 245mm Performance Torque Converter, 3000 Stall- Inventory
• Performance Automatic 5R55 Deep Aluminum Pan and Filler Tube Set , PA27455KT – Installed
• Performance Automatic Hardened Transmission Input Shaft for Ford 5R55S, PA27406 – Inventory
• TCI Auto StreetFighter Ratchet Automatic Shifter, 619570 – Installed
• TCI Auto Hi Performance Transmission Servo Kit, 3rd Gear Servo Kit, 576005 – Inventory
• TCI Auto Hi Performance Transmission Servo Kits, 4th Gear Servo Kit, 576006 – Inventory
• Canton Racing Products Automatic Transmission Expansion Tank, 45-000 – Inventory
• B&M Racing and Performance Products Hi-Tek Transmission Cooling System, 70297 - Inventory
• Hypertech Power Stat 160 Degree Thermostat Mustang GT (05-09), HYP1011 - Inventory
• Metco Motorsports Four Piece Idler Pulley Set, MIP-2005 – Inventory
• Meziere Enterprises 55gpm Electric Water Pump, WP346S – Inventory
• Meziere Enterprises Electric Water Pump Relay Kit, WIK346 – Inventory
• AFCO 2005-2010 Mustang GT Performance Aluminum Radiator, AFC-81281-S-NA-N – Inventory
• AFCO Dual Pass Heat Exchanger with Dual Fans, 80280PRO – Inventory
• Painless Performance Products Auxiliary Fuse Block with 7 Circuits, 70107 – Inventory
• Trick Flow Specialties Adjustable Crank Sprockets, TFS-51800505 – Inventory
• Trick Flow Specialties Cam Degreeing Kit, TFS-90000 – Inventory
• Trick Flow Specialties Cam Degree Supplement Kit, TFS-90100 – Inventory
• Ford OEM Cam Followers (24), 3L3Z-6564-BA – Inventory
• Ford OEM Lash Adjusters (24), 5L1Z-6500-A – Inventory

Dyno Charts
  Dynocenter kW kW Type Torque Torque Type Boost Boost Type Nitrous Peakpoint
DaSilva Racing
No Nitrous

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