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    2004 COBRA AutoX Video

    Hi All,
    Check out my latest AutoX video I think it's pretty good. I wish photobucket didn't knock the quality down but you will get the picture I'm sure. I have others if there is interest.


    04 Screaming Yellow Cobra

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    damn, that was fun to watch. i would most definetly be interested in watching more. nice driving btw.

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    Pretty cool. What tires were you on?

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    Thanks Guys,
    The local AutoX groups are really fun, I can't belive I wasn't doing this 20 years ago. We have a pretty open course. That run in the video I think is about 2/3 of a run. The courses are typically about 1.7 miles. Here is some of my cars stats.

    -SLP X pipe with high flow cats
    -Magnaflow cat back with 3 1/2: tips. Its pretty loud but I wouldn't want it any other way.
    -I bought baffles for the rear to tone it down during inspection but I haven't tried them to see how much they help.

    -MM tubular lower control arms with Poly bushings
    -MM Strut tower
    -MM CC plates
    -MM Coil over kit
    -375 lb springs
    -IRS Brace
    -MM alum rack bushing with new spherical mounts
    -MM Quadrant & firewall adjuster
    -Will do Delrin IRS Bushing kit for next season

    -Front ride height with in inch of stock
    -Rear height lowered to match front (cut spring)
    -14mm bolt mod
    -MM button head bolt mod also
    -MGW Shifter
    -Sub frame connectors (who doesnt)
    -Welded torque boxes
    -Hawk HPS brake pads

    -Kumho V710 race tires in the front 275s on 9 Cobra Rs
    -Hoosier autocross race tire rear 315s on 10.5 Cobra Rs
    -Goodyear D3s the front 275s on 9 Chrome
    -Goodyear D3s rear 285s on 10.5 (the D3 315s are too wide for car they rub inside and outside with spacers and fender well hammered) Chrome

    -Lots of typical 03/04 stuff / 510 RWH corrected (such a blast)
    04 Screaming Yellow Cobra

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