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    Some funnies for yall

    Finally a MALE blonde joke sheesh.......

    The Sheriff in a small town walks out in the street and sees a blonde cowboy coming down the walk
    with nothing on but his cowboy hat, gun, and his boots, so he arrests him for indecent exposure.
    As he is locking him up, he asks, "Why in the world are you dressed like this?
    The Cowboy says, "Well it's like this Sheriff..
    I was in the bar down the road and this pretty little red head asks me to go out to her motor home with her,... So I did.
    We go inside and she pulls off her top and asks me to pull off my shirt;...So I did.
    Then she pulls off her skirt and asks me to pull off my pants... So I did.
    Then she pulls off her panties and asks me to pull off my shorts... So I did.
    Then she gets on the bed and looks at me kind of sexy and says,"Now go to town cowboy ".
    And here I am.

    A man and his wife are dining at a table in a plush restaurant, and the husband keeps staring at an
    old drunken lady swigging her gin as she sits alone at a nearby table.
    The wife asks, "Do you know her?"
    "Yes," sighs the husband, "She's my ex-wife. She took to drinking right after we
    divorced seven years ago, and I hear she hasn't been sober since.
    “My God!" says the wife, "Who would think a person could go on celebrating that long?"

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    i got one...

    why did the blonde have a brown belly button?

    blonde men are stupid too.

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