The Lethal Performance Budget Return Style Fuel System featuring Fore Precision Works products! $899.00

4V Kit
Lethal Performance 99-04 4V Budget Return Style Fuel System [LP-9904BUDGETRETURN-4V] : Lethal Performance, Performance parts for Ford Mustangs

2V Kit

Lethal Performance and Fore Precision Works have done it again! This time we're going to change the way the fuel delivery market works by offering our customers the ability to go return style but without the entire cost of a full on return style fuel system. Even better, with this new budget return style system you'll still utilize the stock feed line, stock fuel rails and stock fuel tank. This system comes complete with everything you need. Just install it and get your car tuned for the return style setup and you're good to go.

How's it work?

It starts with a Fore Precision Works billet fuel hat that houses (2) return style Walbro GSS342 pumps. The fuel hat installs in your stock fuel tank. Then we use the Fore Precison Works hat to stock line adapter to connect the hat to your stock feed line. The next piece is a industry changing adapter that installs a Fore Precision Works F1 fuel pressure regulator onto your stock rail. Included is a 100psi liquid filled mechanical fuel pressure gauge, vacuum hose and t-fitting which allows proper installation of the regulator. From the regulator we provide a -6an return line which returns the fuel back to the tank through the Fore Precision Works fuel hat. The last piece of the kit is our famous Lethal Performance dual return style harness which features (2) 40amp relays, 12ga power and ground wires, an -8ga power wire and 40 AGU fuse with use holder.

If you're unfamiliar with a return style kit here's how it works.

The fuel pumps are wired to run full time. Fuel pressure is set by the mechnical fuel pressure regulator. The excess fuel bleeds off the regulator through the return line and back to the tank. In this system we use a boost reference regulator. That means that for every 1psi of boost the regulator see's it's going to mechanically raise fuel pressure by 1psi. So if you start with a base pressure of 40psi and make 20psi of boost you'll end up seeing 60psi of fuel pressure when in full boost. What's great about a return style fuel system is that it's easy to tune, doesn't use any returnless style electronics and works great for both street and track applications. We run return style systems on our 2011 5.0L GT, 2010 GT500 and 03 Cobra. There's no reason to look back once we went return as we now know how well the return style system works.

Kit Includes:

Fore Precision Works Dual Pump Return Style Fuel Hat

Fore Precision Works F1 Fuel Pressure Regulator

(2) Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pumps

Fore Precision Works Hat to Stock Line Adapter

Fore Precision Works Regulator to Rail Adapter

0-100 PSI Liquid Filled Mechanical Fuel Pressure Gauge

Lethal Performance Dual Pump Return Style Wiring Harness

All fittings and hardware needed for installation

Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Adapter (Optional)

** This system does not use an FPDM. It also does not require the use of a FRPS (Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor). With that said some tuners still prefer to keep a FRPS installed on a return style fuel system to help in tuning of the vehicle but also to control injector pulse-width.