Posted this up in the Engine section also...wasn't sure where more people would see and have answers

Getting a nasty noise from the rear passenger side engine area.
Don't notice it much as you increase the rpm's, but once you let off and the rpm's drop it a bunch right when you shut her off.
1st quick guess was an exhaust leak at the headers (JBA installed probably 7 years ago) - Stupid passenger side is so tight with the starter down there and stuff that I really can't see what is going on. I did get one of those extension mirrors down, but couldn't see much - mostly things looked to be in-place. Searching in that area my nose notice some harsh (maybe raw) exhaust smells...


After looking and listening up top it almost sounded like the noise could be coming from the rear, maybe under the intake or out back.
It also almost sounded like something was not right in the valve area - now once I went under the car this thought became more of a worry as you could hear it better there and it did not sound good. Not a loud knock or as if something was bouncing around in there - but not smooth and clean like the other side.

Sorry - hard to explain :(
I am still leaning to an exhaust leak, but that doesn't make a lot of sense after all these years of running with no issue? Honestly am worried and don't want to drive the car or push my luck at this point.

Any of you Modular guys willing to lend a hand - or at least an ear and opinion????
Car is up on jack stands in my garage....would be GREAT if you could stop by for a quick once over and give me your thoughts.
I've got beer if that helps

Just moved out to the Peoria area from chicagoland and am looking for job SO I am always around the house - Any help would be appreciated!!!!

Thanks Tim