I have (2) Ford GT Supercar pumps up for sale, realized I dont really need them and am just gonna used my stock pumps with a KB BAP for fuel. (BTW will trade these pumps plus a little $$$ for a good 40 amp KB BAP)

I never even took them out of the bag he sent them to me in, not sure how many miles are on them but he would know if you would like to ask him (TARHEELTROOPER on SVTP). Never installed like I said just doing it a different way. Would like to leave it sealed in bag so I took pics with them in the bag still, but you get the point

Asking $390.00

OR Will trade plus some cash for a 40 Amp Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
I might also be interested in partial trade from 60 lb injectors, lmk if you have anything else, the worst I can say is no Would perfer a cash sale but anything can happen. Thanks or looking!