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Thread: Cop Car Warning

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    Cop Car Warning

    Hey guys n gals...

    Recently, I've seen many different cop cars out on the road. One was an 05 mustang GT (black and deep tinted windows(, next was a potiac grand prix (dark color and deep tinted windows). I saw both of those the same day out in Surprise. Then my son called me from east valley and said he saw a Honda Accord with twin tail pipes (and dark tinted windows).

    What's up with that?

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    Back in Indiana, the state troopers were always pulling that shit. When they werent in their crown vics, they were in camaros, mustangs, taurus, impalas, and even chevy trucks. All were unmarked with dark tint.
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    03cobrazzz said last weekend he was at a stoplight and a ****ing cavalier was revving at him... with no response... only then did he roll the wondow down and show that he was in uniform.. ****ing sneaky summbitches.

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    Yep. They are usually Sheriff Office rides used to combat street racing. Regular PD's don't have the budget/ infastructure to buy and maintain these cars. There are several new laws in AZ also to combat street racing. The wildest is "Exibition of Speed". This is automatic court and possible lic suspension. Can't really fight it. You can be "laying a patch" and they issue this citation. It is a form of drag racing. They say you are racing yourself. Almost impossible to fight and win. Just a heads up.
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