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Thread: 4 Door Cobra

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    4 Door Cobra

    New to the site, I don't have a Mustang Cobra but I do have a 99 Crown Vic with the drive line from a 99 Cobra the car was built by Rousch for Bondurant.
    99 P71 Crown Vic Ex Gilbert PD
    99 P71 Crown Vic ex Bondurant Car

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    Welcome! (A little late, actually you were here first).

    Can you post some pics of your cars in the Gallery? I'd love to get a closer look.

    I was seriously considering getting a CVPI and turning into a fun Open Track Day / Silver State Challenge type of toy.

    Is your Bondurant car the one that ran in the Car and Driver Gumball type event? I've seen a vid of one doing an Auto-X type demonstration, but I think it was supercharged and built by some Ford guys.

    I've heard rumors of complications making a Vic run real high speeds (faster than the factory governed 130), though I can't remember what all they were, but it sounded like alot of work to get around. Something to do with the length or Rpm of the driveshaft (?).

    I've had the opportunity to run an '06 around a bit, and I enjoy the new dash with the tach and the different suspension. BUT they must have started equipping them with some sort of variable-rate speed sensitive steering that just drove me crazy! Regardless, I would be building an older one for cost-savings. Have you experienced this, or driven a new one yet? They also shrank down the ignition key collar, which was a total PITA as well. I wonder why they mess with little things like that?

    Also, is the '99 a particularly good year for some reason, or just a coincidence that have two?

    Anyway, I didn't intend to ball a bunch of questions into your New Member thread, but I wanted to make sure you saw it.

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