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Thread: tuner and gears

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    Exclamation tuner and gears

    Hi all sct tuner and 373 gears a good start for a daley driven 99 cobra I need some imput please

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    I would do exhaust and gears as a start then alittle dyno time to set the stage for the tune and maybe some suspention mods

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    Another point of view on a tuner like the XC2 is that you can compensate for the gears... a good tune which would hopefully come with it, will make the car more fun to drive with better performance... and you can use it to datalog or check/clear codes... and you can use it more later on if you're adding serious mods.

    Dealer cost is about $265, but they go for $400 or so, with a tune of course. It's important to get an e-mail copy of the .zcf file of the tune they give you... that way as you add mods later on, or if you get the SCT Pro Racer Package later, you don't have to start from scratch.

    On the other hand... for the bang for your buck factor at this point, gears and exhaust makes more sense... tune will not likely increase your performance all that much, and can be a real pain to goof around with it, if it's a bit off.

    I have the SCT XC2 with the PRP, and a Dynojet Wideband.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan
    I would do exhaust and gears as a start then alittle dyno time to set the stage for the tune and maybe some suspention mods
    +1. And go for alot more gear! I ran 4.30's in my '01 DD, putting 25k a year on it and loved them. The .73's you will barely notice any difference.

    Depends on what your end goal is with the car, I guess you could do 4.10's for a fun street car. But 400 Rpm difference at freeway speeds is nothing to these revvy motors. At times, I was regretting not getting .56s.

    Hint: "Cheap" first mod that actually improved Hp, reliability and mpg; Steeda underdrive pulleys for all the accesories!

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    of course 3:73 would be great but i would at least go with 4:10. Im going with 4:30 and have heard nothing but positive feedback.
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    I have 4.30s now. I have had 4.10s and 4.56s Loved the 56s but, with the spray I was running out of gear at the long end with the 4.56s so I dropped back down to the 4.30s.

    Gas milage didn't change with any of the three except maybe the 56s, fun factor got going there and I seemed to have my foot in it more

    I could still run the highway with the 4.56s and only taching around three grand at 85. These 4V aluminum motors actually run their coolest at 3000 rpm according to the Ford Service Rep...

    Now, I do have the 00 Cobra R spec T56 tranny with the 2.97 first gear so it is a little closer range tranny than the T45 with the 3.37 first gear, so the 4.56 might be a little steep off the line with the stock tranny.
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    4.10 4.30 definetely for street itll be the best. the pulleys as mentioned above are great for bang for the performance i would definetely do those in your case i always ran 4.10 gear in my mule and it was great for all around. and alsao i would definetely do gears exhaust (pulleys) before id run and tune it. just my .02 c

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