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    580 movies and counting in the vault! Dial-up Beware!

    Hi, I just found the site but look forward to hanging around and if there is an interest, post my new home videos. I have in-car movies of myself driving my Terminator and other guys I turn my camera's on. Remember I am strickly low tech and only do this as a hobby, I think I like driving my cobra a whole lot better. LMK what you think, pass along the link to fellow car nuts and if you need a movie hosted, I'm pretty easy to get in touch with.

    go here:
    ...give it a couple minutes to load and knock yourself out!
    New original live NHRA multi-camera videos plus lots of new 06 Stang footage and everything else you might see or want to see at the track!

    Sorry no street racing , plenty of sites where that stuff rules.

    And if you get cross-eyed looking at all the movies, take a break to see what the heck I am still messing with on my 04SNAKE and jump over to my home page ..or don't, up to you

    - stu at

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    Welcome to the site.
    Real Drag Racing is always welcome here.
    Be sure post up new videos when you get them.
    2004 Cobra, Whipple ,TH-400
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