The Supercharger company that's been making Corvettes and Chevy Trucks fast for years will be releasing the new Charger for the 05-up GT in 2 weeks.
These kits are great with there forward mount intake and factory Eaton look. As a matter of fact Magna Charger Inc. is a division of Magnuson Products, Inc.; the Eaton factory authorized remanufacturing facility in North America.
We are currantly taking orders for these kits and expect the first shipment in 2 weeks, about mid Aug.
Pricing will be:
$5195.00 for Satin
$5850.00 for Polished

Here's some more info:
Magnacharger system uses an intercooled 5th generation MP112 hybrid roots style supercharger with internal bypass valve. The bypass valve increases efficiency and results in the supercharger requiring less than 1 horsepower to turn under highway cruising conditions resulting in normal fuel economy during cruise.
Magnacharger system makes instant boost as soon as you put the gas pedal down so you wont have to wait for boost to build as RPM's increase. Torque and horsepower output is increased from as little as 1,200rpm all the way through 6,000rpm where you will see 120+ horsepower. Peak torque gains also exceed 120+ft/lbs as well.
This system comes complete with everything needed for installation including a cast aluminum intake manifold, factory "push lock" style fuel system connectors, larger capacity fuel injectors, extruded aluminum fuel rails, air to water intercooler system, tuning and more!
If you are looking for a reliable, complete bolt on system for your 2005+ Mustang GT that makes instant power, look no further. Place your order today!
Product Benefits
120+ Horsepower and Torque Gain!
Instant power from 1,200 rpm to over 6,000 rpm!
Complete system with all components for installation!
Proven roots Supercharger reliability.
Did we mention 120+ horsepower?
Call me with any questions.