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Thread: Midnight Race

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    Midnight Race

    One Saturday night I was taking my girlfriend at the time home and I just filled up my tank so I had weight on my rear end of my 67' Mustang Coupe. My g/f was asleep and I had pulled up to the light and a guy in his Honda Civic pulled up next to me with his girlfriend. He looked at me and I thought nothing of it, as soon as the light was green he nailed it and I relaized we were racing, so I gunned it and peeled out all the way across the intersection. I caught him within seconds, he didnt know how to shift cause everytime he did he came further and further back. At this time we are doing almost a 100MPH, my g/f woke up to that speed yelling at me to slow down while I was having fun. The look on her face was hilarious. Needles to say I caught him and won. He just laughed and waved when we got to the next light.

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    hahaha. been there done that and have the bruise on my right arm to prove it. silly ricers tryin to one up a pony car.

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    It was my first race, I was only 17 years old at the time. It was great!

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